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Wax Vac Ear Cleaner

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  Product Detail

If proper care is not taken the cleaning of ear wax will lead to deafness. Most of us use cotton buds to get our ears cleaned of wax. It can be at times, a dangerous activity. The devices like wax vac will make users 100% safer.

How it works:  

Wax vac works on air suction method, unlike cotton buds. The object resembles like a drilling machine, and the power is liner, harmless and effective enough to pull ear wax from our ears. It is designed with silicon tips, and users can change the silicon tips and use it for so long. It is so effective, safe and neat unlike the cotton buds that most consumers use to clean the ears.


  • The WaxVac Ear Cleaner Gadget is the safe and effective way to clean your ears.
  • Cleaning your child's ears will be a gentle and effective affair with this device, as you don’t have to put much effort.
  • Easy to Clean
  • This device is lightweight
  • Quiet safe effective convenient healthy and comfortable
  • Remove wax without injury
  • Cordless

What it includes:  

Each wax vac is packed with a set of 8 silicon tips of variant colors. One brush to clean the ears properly is also available.

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