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Sauna Slim Belt

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  Product Detail

Sauna belt is an innovative product which is capable of reducing tummy or extra fat accumulated in our belly. The simplicity of use and fine results at good pace adds to the popularity of this product. Sauna belt is rich in features and less in price.

How it works:

Sauna belt is designed in such a way that it can be tied easily around the stomach of the users. The product has specified user control givens in the form of a remote control which users can mange by placing inside the hands. The technology depends largely on vibration and the machine vibrates in selected patterns. These vibrations help in the reduction of extra fat in the belly. The machine also provides a considerable heat to make the vibration effective. Thus sauna belt reduces fat without much physical burden to the individuals.

What it includes:

A diet plan to follow, instruction manual, a functional remote control are combined with the sauna belt at economic prices.  

* Disclaimer : Using this product,results may vary person to person.

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