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Paint Sprayer Elite

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  Product Detail

Painting as a task needs so many secondary things to run the entire activity so smoothly. But with the coming up of tools like paint sprayer elite, users can complete the activity by carrying a single product in hand. It helps to finish the time required activity of painting to a small time activity.

How it works:

An efficient motor is connected to a high quality and well designed knob which can be tunned in three different ways at the time of painting. The knob is linked to a plastic vessel in which user can fill the material they wish to use for painting. The motor has a very good handle in which the switches are placed so brilliantly. Any user can hold the entire device with one hand and make it work. It has a long distance cord, which allow users to drag the device to long distances.

What it includes:

Paint sprayer elite comprise of three type of separate knobs, a multi- nozzle, motor with handle and an user manual.

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