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V Slicer

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  Product Detail

Cutting or slicing of vegetables are essential for making food in kitchen. Most women working in kitchen use various types of knifes to perform the task. Still most of these products would not give a desired shape to the vegetables and fruit as wished by them at the time of making food. Here V slicer works miracles. It is one device, but performs the functions of many devices.

How it works:

V slicer is not an automatic tool, it should be used manually by the users as per their wish. Still it is really a work load limiter. Vegetables and fruits need to be sliced can be placed in the holder and can be rubbed on the different kinds of blades offered with the V slicer. The product is marketed with a tray made of hard plastics, and users can place the tray attached to the slicer for collecting the chopped food items.

What it includes:

V slicer has three different types of blades, one tray made with hard plastics, and rocket holder for placing items need to be chopped. 

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