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Water Zoom High Pressure Cleaning Tool

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  Product Detail

An ordinary hose which can carry water only at low pressure will not be a suitable device to wash cars or things in that more dust particles sticked with. Water zoom is a superb tool made to help users in this affair. It is capable of spraying water at high pressure to keep all surfaces clean in a little time.

How it works:

Water Zoom is a revolutionary formula at work. The tool can be adjusted to multiple levels according to the preference of the users. It can be reduced and lifted in height. The button to pump water under high pressure is placed so near to the soap dispenser, hence users can easily control the pressure of waters. The adjustable height and space to fit the brush to clean the doors works impressively in every users’ hands.

What it includes:  

It has jet nozzle, fan nozzle, dispenser for washing powder, brush and adapter combined with the water zoom. 

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