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Easy Steam Mop X6

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  Product Detail

Easy Mop X6 is an absolute floor cleaning product which can keep your floors neat and tidy without any infections. It works on superior steam based technology and is far advanced to ordinary floor cleaning mops in terms of working. It can be used to maintain the floors 100% clean.

How it works:

Easy mop x6 has well set space to store water, and users have to wait only a few seconds to make the device work properly or the steam to come the lower end of the mop. The green light will turn on, and it indicates that the steam is on and user can start moping the floors. The product is made to be fit in to different type of moping accessories and it comes with three different mop shapes.

What it includes:

Along with the Eco steam mopping device, users get a fiber cloth, cotton cleaning cloth, steam Blaster Nozzle, filler jug and an user guide.

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