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6 in 1 Steam Mop

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  Product Detail

There are mops available in the market which can perform the function of floor cleaning only, but a 6 in 1 steam mop can be used for cleaning any surface we want. It is feature rich and is sold all over the world. This quality product is readily available for online purchases, and customers can go for a home delivery as well.

How it works:

This 6 in 1 steam mop works entirely with the aid of electricity. The steam coming out of this device makes the mop works quite easily, and wipe out the dust on any type of surfaces fully. The device is well designed with a LED, so the users can easily note its working status. Once the steam starts getting out of this mop, it will work so effectively. No need to carry an additional bucket for water, the steam mop has space to carry 450 ML water in it. The big handle will add more easiness to working conditions also.

What it includes:

Three different types of premium cotton cleaning fabrics, together with three various brushes to clean any surfaces are available with 6 in 1 steam mop.

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