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Cordless Steam Iron

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  Product Detail

Users would have find many kinds of steam Irons, but rarely a steam Iron with no cord attached to it. Cordless steam Iron is known for its easy handling, power efficiency, and well built structure. Cordless steam Irons are sleek and can be used for smooth ironing.

How it works:

Users have to fill water into the water filling jar beautifully attached to the steam iron, and just plugin the cordless steam Iron, it will start working in a little time of plugging in. Users can find automatic heat adjuster in it as well. According to kind of clothes used by the users, they can set the temperature of the cordless steam iron and it gets automatically shut down when that particular temperature is reached. The simple working and effective handling is the highlight of this product.

What it includes:

Cordless steam iron packed with a water filling cup, instruction manual, and charging unit.

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