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Table Clip Cup Holder Set of 5 Colors

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  Product Detail

Cup holder clips are simple execution of brilliance. It is based on a minimum space and maximum utilization technology. Within the limited space users can store one more thing with the introduction of this table clip cup holder set.

How it works:

The way of using this table clip cup holder set is really simple. It has the shape of clip which we use to place on the clothes set to dry on a string under the sun. Still it is build in such a large shape with a big mouth and band part with ample space to place a cup or small glasses in it. The front part of this clip holder can be easily adjusted to the shape of a table, and in the back side of the clip users can place cups so easily attached to the table without using the surface space of the table. It acts as an exact additional space.

What it includes:

With a purchase of table clip cup holder set users will get colors like white, blue, orange, Green and Yellow clips. 

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